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Here’s What’s Happening

Below is the information for the 2023 Region 4 Championships you will need for your athlete for staging for competition.
Access to water is very limited, so please send either bottled water or a water bottle with your athlete to both training and competition, if you feel they will need water while on the arena floor.
Staging is located at the far corner of the arena and is only for athletes. There will be NO PARENTS ALLOWED IN STAGING. To allow more room for stretching, only 2 flights will be allowed in the Staging Area.  Athletes will check-in at the STAGING ENTRANCE, be told their seat number, and go stretch.
Only athletes that are in the next 2 flights will be allowed in staging. (Example: Flight is competing, Flight B is in the chairs, Flight C is stretching). This is not a place for your kids to just hang out. Please help us with the task of keeping this area clear! More people in this area than necessary can make staging very difficult to stretch and line the athletes up. We appreciate your help in controlling this with your athletes. 
There will be a large sign located at the staging entrance of the competition floor with the Flight Time that is allowed in the staging area. Please watch the sign and listen to the announcer for the flight coming onto the floor. Also, please be sure your child knows what event they are in staging for. Many times, athletes come to staging and do not know what event they are there for, so the staff has to play process of elimination and look through the line-up sheets. It will help us to be more organized if you will tell them before they come to staging. If they are small, you can write it on their hand and ask them to show the staff in staging.
There will be NO food or open containers allowed in staging. Only water bottles/bottled water. 
We run 60 athletes through our staging area every 20 minutes and our goal is to keep all areas as clean as possible. 
USA Gymnastics will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

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