Awards Procedures


If there is only one flight of a gender/age/level that group will go directly from flight awards to the overall awards stand. If there are multiple flights - the top 10 will need to report to an overall awards ceremony, as noted below. Your Coach has already received the block schedule showing the flights.
Flight Awards, Levels 1-7 only:
Flight Awards will be given to Groups with more than 1 flight.  The judges will award the athletes a ribbon for their place in their flight on the competition floor. Then these groups will wait until all the other flights of the same age group and level compete.  Once the last group is finished, the computer scoring program will combine the flights into one and we will post the OVERALL results. If your child is in the Top 10, they will need to go to the awards wristband table, pick up their wristband showing they are a medal winner and then report to the awards staging area.  We will award these groups as soon as we can after the OVERALL results are posted.

Athletes in groups of 12 or less, only 11th and 12th place will receive a flight award.  All others will receive their award on the award stand.

TOP 10 OVERALL AWARDS: (groups with 12 or less)
The top 10 athletes in each gender/level and age group will receive an overall award.  If your athlete is in an age group and level that competes all together in one flight, then that group will go immediately from the competition floor to the awards area. The top 10 will receive an award on the award stand.   

TOP 10 OVERALL AWARDS (groups with multiple flights)

  • Once all the flights of the same age group and level have finished competition, the computer scoring program will combined the results and the results will be posted.  

  • If your child is in the TOP 10 athletes, they will need to for to the awards wristband table to get a wristband indicating they are a medal winner. (The wristbands help our staging staff to easily recognize them and facilitate a seamless line up process.) 

Wristband colors:
Blue indicates Trampoline medal winner
Red indicates Tumbling medal winner
Green indicates Double Mini medal winner

  • They will then need to report to awards staging. 

  • We will award these groups as soon as we can after the combined results are posted. Approximately 30 minutes.

  • Athletes will be REQUIRED to be in competition attire for the awards ceremony. NO street clothes, shoes or warm up allowed on the awards stand. 

ATTIRE: Overall awards ceremonies
Athletes will only be allowed on the awards stand in their competition attire. Bare feet or trampoline shoes or socks.

NO one will be allowed on the awards stand in their street clothes, warm up suits or street shoes.

What if an athlete misses an awards ceremony?

Coaches or athletes may pick up missed awards after the awards ceremony is complete. We keep track of everyone who misses their awards, but you will need to come with names, levels etc so that we can look them up quickly.

NO MISSED awards will be handed out during a ceremony. This disrupts the flow of the awards ceremony.

Missing awards will NOT be mailed.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make each of these processes smooth and organized.